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PageturnPro offers a variety of features for creating mobile magazine apps which are optimized across various devices and OS. Here’s what they offer in detail-

Get HTML5 Version for Mobile Get HTML5 Version for Mobile
For mobile devices, digital magazines app development solution offered by Pageturnpro help you create magazines in HTML5 and also in flash. Just like the web version, readers on mobile platform like iPhone, iPads and Android devices, readers get it all to read and enjoy.
Get More Readers
Get More Readers
Pageturnpro, one of the biggest players among digital publishing solution providers, offers you all to create SEO friendly digital versions of books and magazines; it helps you convert PDFs into readable materials for readers across various devices. Kindles and other e-readers are also available.

Facebook App
Pageturnpro understands the importance of socializing for every business and offers solutions to embed and let readers view your digital magazines from your Facebook business page and with the help of apps, brand management getters better overtime. Pageturnpro’s Facebook apps solutions are a win for everyone.

One Time InvestmentOne Time Investment
Pageturnpro never burns a hole in your pocket. It takes you a single time investment that drives your ROI for many years to come. The only thing it needs is updates which come either for free or at an economical price. You can keep publishing digital books forever once you purchase it. 

Magazine Apps for Apple and Android
Apple and Android Apps
With the help of Pageturnpro’s app development solutions, your create apps for both iOS and Android users. Your readers get unlimited access to your publications at anytime and from anywhere in the world. Even, iPad users can read your books with these apps when they are offline.

E-book Creator and Publisher
Pageturn pro mobile magazine solutions help you publish your books anytime anywhere. You can import your content from word document or PDFs and just make a copy paste. Once it’s published, you can circulate it on desktop and on the mobile platform.

Place Link at the Right Place
Pagetrunpro’s exclusives for PRO and enterprises have come of age. With a proven track record, this software solution offers an automatic detect web and e-mail from the original PDF document. And then you can place them on your digital versions and save time.

Get User Login Set UpDigital Magazines Software
Now control accessibility to your digital publishing by setting up user’s login by purchasing Pageturnpro solutions. With this software solution, you can deliver users more information about your publication in future. You can use or build your own tool to have a greater control over user access.

Digital Magazines Software 
Rich Media Publications
Offer unique reading experience to your end readers by making use of rich media applications offered by Pageturnpro for your digital magazines. Flip book effect, video inclusion, flash media and listening to audio clips- are the features that come up with these software solutions.

Enhance Audio Capacity
Create audio book or include audio clipping to your books now. Pageturnpro comes up with everything handy for attaching audio clips that gives reading a different dimension.

Easy Access to Previous Issues and Archive
Pageturnpro never understates the value of placing right links at the right place for best user navigation experience. Offer you readers to take a look at the digital library of the previous issues of your books and magazines. Offer them a link so they can reach your archive easily.

Faster, Easier
Publishing with the help of this Pageturnpro software solution goes easier, faster and friendlier. You can now create and publish your own digital issues in faster speed and with ease.

Wide Screen
Give your readers a wider view of your magazines. Until and unless, they hover on pre-defined area, they can see the entire page on the screen wide and clear enough. Pageturnpro helps you offer clarity and full screen view button.

Give Your Book You Brand Like Look
Now, you create your book by giving them the best look and feel by using tools and features that come up handy with Pageturnpro solutions. You can use likeable colors, music, background, sounds, visual page transitions and button control. It will be aligning your brand.
Digital Magazines Software
Image Gallery
Pageturnpro helps you showcase images and slides to your readers by offers them an image gallery.

Publish SEO-Friendly Books
You get scope to create multiple SEO publications by opting for Pageturnpro solutions and can customize page title, description and keywords. And then you can add them to sitemap.

Get Sufficient Offline Versions
Whether your readers are online or not, you can offer them access to your digital publications with the help of various offline formats like DVD, CDs and USB versions. Pageturnpro offers you features that bring your readers the freedom to read at any time.

Built in FTP Uploader
With a built in FTP uploader, once you have created the digital publication, simply hit the ‘publish’ button and it is sent directly to the web location you specify.You  get this feature only by selecting Pageturnpro solution. You can even store multiple website locations if necessary.

Options for FTP Uploader Building
With Pageturnpro solution you can create FTP loader. Once you create FTP file loader, you get better options for creating digital publications. You can just hit the publish button and get the book published.

Amend Your Publication At Anytime
Pageturnpro helps you publish digital issue and edit your copies at any point in time. You can replace, add or remove any page you want without starting your project from start. So, it takes few minutes to amend an ad or correct any wrong spellings.

Focus on iPad Publications
In order to offer better viewing on iPad and Android, Pageturnpro solution brings you tools for enhanced performance. You get it by using HTML5 front end flipper and slide components. It helps readers to enjoy zoom-in functionality button. Background images are there and they are available for both iPad and Android devices.

Besides Mobile Devices
Pageturnpro brings flexibility for readers. Apart from reading on mobile devices, your readers can now install the desktop reader and view and read their favorite magazines as and when they want.

Have a Control Over Load-Time
With Pageturnpro software solution, you can now specify how many pages to be loaded for greater publications like catalogues. Moreover, it helps you minimize the time taken to load a publication and memory that is required by the end-readers browser.

Modify Pre-Loader
You can add custom pre-loader with the help of Pageturnpro solution and show off your logo to the readers. You can use it for displaying any of your business related information too.

Share and Broadcast
If you share something of interest, you must share and readers who are read avidly will start sharing your digital publications amongst friends and colleagues with help of social sharing platform and via e-mail. Pageturnpro offers your publications social share button.

Uninterrupted Reading Comfort
Create a book that gives readers the feeling and read like a paperback.  Incorporate features like flip book, real time page turn sound and content that engages readers. Offer beautiful reading experience which is expected of a book.

Offer Search and Zoom Facility
Pageturnpro software solution helps you offer search facility that readers can use for exploring a book with keywords or phrases. By offering it, you offer them better reading experience. Moreover, your zoom in option helps readers read without any strain on eyes.

Get More Optimized Version
Digital magazines publishing software offered by Pageturnpro helps one get both Mac and Windows optimized versions. Get all essential features needed and create your digital books in minutes.

Add Notes and Bookmarks
Now with Pageturnpro software solution, you offer books and magazines with bookmark features. It helps readers get their books back at the right time. Even adding notes is possible.

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